Nutrisens Naturium isotonic drink test


What is an isotonic drink ?

A drink is said to be isotonic when its density is close to blood's one. This property makes it possible to optimize the absorption of the components in the intestine.
Particular attention should be paid to preparation in hot weather; it's indeed advisable to dilute it with a little more water when the temperatures rise.

Technical sheet

This drink exists in at least 2 versions, salty taste and mint taste.
It has been developed, tested and approved by the famous French ultra-trail champion, François D'HAENE.

Average analysis 100g 100ml (% Apports recommandes)
Energy values 374kcal (1588kJ) 4.79
Fat < 0,5g 0,18
Including saturated fat < 0,5g 0.63
Carbohydrates 85g 8.29
Including sugars 45.1g 12.7
Proteins 8.4g 4.27
Dietary Fiber < 0,5g 0
Salt 2,4g 10.27
Potassium 1170.4mg 14.85
Calcium 443mg 14.05
Magnesium 193mg 13.06
Zinc 11mg 27.15
Selenium 51µg 23.52
Chrome 32µg 20.3
Vitamin B1 1.3mg 29.06
Vitamin B2 0,88mg 15.95
Vitamin B5 4.6mg 19.28
Vitamin B6 1.3µg 23.74
Vitamin B8 26µg 13.4
Vitamin B9 231µg 29.3
Vitamin E 5mg 10.57
Vitamin C 28mg 8.78

Test condition

During the preparation of Montauban marathon, I tested the drink on my long runs (up to 2H15) but also during sessions longer than 40 minutes including during interval training. I started each of these runs with 500ml of prepared drink.

On each run I drank a sip or two every 15 minutes or so. I have not tested this drink at high temperatures, the maximum temperatures were 15 ° C.
I only tested the mint flavor version.

My review

Having become aware of the importance of micronutrition during sport to avoid the gastric discomforts linked to "ischemia and reperfusion", I decided to take this drink for all training longer than 40 minutes.

I felt a real contribution during long runs and I had less gastric trouble during interval training.
One to two sips every 15 minutes seems to be a good attitude, the drink which is not too sweet does not become disgusting.

Its 500g format makes possible to reconstitute forteen 500ml cans. It's suitable for all types of sport and recommended for efforts of more than 3 hours.


A really pleasant drink with its slight mint flavor and its not very sweet taste. It allows you to maintain your effort in good conditions. It's well proportioned with almost all the elements necessary for endurance sports.
Used in a can that I carried with me, the drink tended to foam which was not very pleasant. I think that in a camelback this phenomenon should not occur if you makes the vacuum of air correctly.

  • The slightly pronounced sweet taste.
  • Its composition.
  • Its pleasant taste.
  • The foam that is created in the can when it's shaken.

Global Rating


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  • Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Henry Ford

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