Led Senser H14R.2 headlamp test



The LENSER H14R.2 LED headlamp has a maximum lighting power of 850 lumens for a range of 300 meters ! It has several lighting modes, from 60 lumens to 850 lumens, which spreads its autonomy from 6 to 40 hours. It has a flashing mode and a red LED on the back. In addition its battery can be deported thanks to an extension cable to be put in a backpack for example.

Technical data

Xtreme Power LED
Weight :
Luminous flux :
Boost/Power/Low: 850/350/60 lm*
Supply :
Lithium ion battery
Autonomy :
Power/Low: 15h/40h**
Energy :
16,3 Wh ***
Lighting range : 300 m *
* Luminous flux (lumen) and maximum lighting range (meters) with the most powerful setting upon ignition with new alkaline batteries or a fully charged battery.
** Average autonomy up to a luminous flux of 1 lumen.
*** Nominal value of capacity in watt hours (Wh).

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Dynamic Switch The dynamic switch of LENSER LED lamps allows you to change the light intensity with one hand in few milliseconds.
Press and hold the switch, the lamp will provide maximum brightness (Boost), then release the button, the boost mode will remain active for few seconds before returning to the previous mode. The Boost function is available at all times (even when the lamp is set to “Low Power” or “Power”).
When set to "Power", the lamp gives full light output.
In "Low Power" mode the lamp shines with reduced brightness in order to consume less energy.
Speeed Focus The "Speed ​​Focus" focusing mechanism is fast, reliable and in many ways superior to conventional mechanisms for adjusting ​​the luminux flux. It helps you create the right light for every occasion.
In conventional systems, focusing is achieved by turning the head of the lamp. This solution is too slow and not really suitable if you want to use the lamp with one hand. This is why Speed ​​Focus was developed, a pogressive focus adjustment mechanism by sliding in a single gesture.
Smart Light The designers of LENSER LED lamps have created Smart Light Technology in order to obtain lighting adapted to each situation. This technology is based on computer-optimized microprocessors, the result is a perfect balance between a large number of different lights and their simple and quick adjustment with a single push button.
There are several modes: Boost, Low Power, Power, DIM (adjustable from 15 to 100%) and Blink (Flashing).


This headlamp despite a high price (170 euros) is a pure wonder. It's easy to use and you can really adjust the beam to adapt it to your preferences. By searching on the internet, you can find it for 111 euros.

  • Wide choice of lighting power.
  • Red rear LED, which can flash.
  • Very good maintains in position.
  • Remote battery thanks to the extension supplied.
  • Indication of battery charge by color led.
  • Connector cover does not hold securely in place.
  • Focus adjustment not very obvious.
  • In beam mode, there is a slightly annoying luminous halo.
  • Its weight can be inconvenient if you don't deport the battery.
  • The charger cable is really very short.

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