Toulouse - France route 10k


GPX track of the route

The GPX track can be downloaded to your watch to be able to follow the route more easily during your ride, you will find it on this page.

Route map and points of interest pictures

Embouchure Bazacle Daurade PlaceStPierre HopitalLaGrave HotelDieu PontHalage GrandRond HalleAuGrain EgliseStAubin GareMatabiau JardinJaponais EcluseBrienne CanalBrienne PortStSauveur CanalMidi
Embouchure Bazacle Daurade PlaceStPierre HopitalLaGrave HotelDieu PontHalage GrandRond HalleAuGrain EgliseStAubin GareMatabiau JardinJaponais EcluseBrienne CanalBrienne PortStSauveur CanalMidi

Discovery of Garonne river's banks and the Canal du Midi in Toulouse

The route is generally quite shaded and the presence of water with the Garonne river and the Canal du Midi make it easier to be done even in hot weather.
Mostly on paths and cycle paths far from cars, stay alert during the few road crossings you will have to do.
Since this route is a loop it can be started from anywhere. If you want to go to the start by car, I advise you to start from the "port de l'embouchure", there is a small free parking where there are often places available.

  • From the "port de l'embouchure" where start the lateral canal (north), the Brienne canal (south-east), take the Canal du Midi (east), go under the first bridge to avoid you having to cross a busy road.
    Under the bridge, be careful, it's not wide and it's not uncommon to meet cyclists. At the next bridge, you will have no choice but to cross the road. Just after on the right is the lock of Béarnais.
    A few hundred meters after, a pedestrian bridge makes it possible to cross the canal to go to the Compans-Caffarelli garden.
  • If you have time do not hesitate to take a look at the Japanese garden, just pay attention to the hours to be sure it's open. Free entry.
    Then retrace your steps to continue along the Canal du Midi. After passing the police station, you will pass by the Minimes lock.
  • At the next road you come across, cross carefully and go on the other side of the canal. You will have a view of the canal from the bridge.
  • A few hundred meters later, you will see Matabiau station on your left. The Bayard lock is now a little hidden by a large wooden terrace.
    You will continue to follow the canal, pass under 3 bridges to avoid crossing busy roads.
  • A hundred meters after the third bridge, on your right is the Saint Aubin square with its church.
    If you plan to go and see Dupuy square with the "Halle aux grains", cross the road there, further it's a bit dangerous and stay on the right sidewalk, otherwise continue along the canal.
  • Once past the "Halle aux grains", join the bank of the canal to access Saint Sauveur port. Then turn right onto the alley with plane trees.
  • In front of you is the Grand-Rond garden, be careful when crossing and enter through the door at the gate.
    Take the opportunity to take a tour of the garden before finding another door on the opposite that will allow you to reach the Jules Guesde alleys.
    Continue straight ahead along the tram tracks, take advantage of the pedestrian crossings and traffic lights at the metro "palais de justice" to cross the road to the right.
  • Then turn right onto the street which descends towards the towing bridge of Tounis. Here you are, you have reached the banks of the Garonne river.
    Position yourself on the left side of the road, then descend by the wide access onto the quays of the Garonne river. You will see the "pont neuf" and you will pass under it.
  • Just after the bridge you will have a beautiful view on the left on the Hôtel-Dieu, turn around to admire the whole scene with the "pont neuf".
    You are now on the Daurade quays with its small garden, and on the left you can see the old "hôpital de la Grave". Continue to the Saint Pierre bridge.
  • Go over the bridge and go up the stairs on your right, you are on the famous Saint Pierre square, the Mecca of the festive activity in Toulouse. Continue along the Garonne river, but this time with an overlook.
  • You will finally arrive at the "espace Bazacle" from where you will have a nice view of the old "hôpital de la Grave". Take 2 times to the right to reach the lock of Brienne canal, then descend to the left bank of the canal.
  • This part, on a shaded path is very pleasant in summer, sheltered from cars. Continue straight on, passing under several small bridges.
  • You are almost there, join the lock, a small staircase will allow you to go under the bridge and reach your starting point, the "port de l'embouchure".

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  • Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Henry Ford

  • Crying can give you sympathy, sweat will give you results. Laurent Vicente

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