Who am I


Born in 1978, in France, I have always done sports, but never in a club. Since childhood, I have been cycling, played tennis, done rollerblading, hiking but also running.
As a teenager, I regularly went for a jogging.

I had discovered running competition only when I arrived in Toulouse (south of France) in 1999/2000. So I tried it with very honorable time (39 min over 10k) without realizing that I had potential.
At that time, I didn't even know what a training was and even less interval training.
I continued like this until 2004/2005 when at that time I put running aside because my doctor diagnosed a crashed disc and advised me to stop running.

I was reasonable and listened to him until October 25, 2010. That day tooked place the Toulouse marathon, I challenged me, resume running and be at the start line of 2011 Toulouse marathon !
So I then resumed my little jogging until I came across an offer from the Toulouse town hall: you could register for a training with a trainer to prepare for the marathon.
I seized the opportunity by telling myself that, at least, I would be well surrounded and that I would have a better chance to finish it.

What a brilliant idea I had, thanks to the trainer Ali Belkacem (2h18'56" marathon record), I finally discovered what training was and especially the interval training.
The downside is that it all exacerbated my taste for competition.

But thanks to that, I got more interested in training, nutrition and in general everything related to running. I also created this website to share my knowledge and allow those who wish to be able to build their own training to achieve their goals.

My current records are:
- 10km: 36'35 ''
- half-marathon: 1H22'26 ''
- marathon: 2H57'39 ''

Recently, I have also been doing trail running, I enjoy these races in nature and I think I will try to do more and more.

I guide a blind person from time to time during training or competitions.

If you want clarification or get in touch with me, do not hesitate to do so via the contact page.

My trainings

Month Year
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
January 16 km 81 km 362 km 207 km 310 km 312 km
February 89 km 229 km 405 km 67 km 265 km 337 km
March 150 km 292 km 315 km 82 km 171 km 362 km
April 100 km 187 km 328 km 107 km 172 km 316 km
May 204 km 218 km 152 km 195 km 348 km 195 km
June 155 km 189 km 123 km 164 km 346 km 82 km
July 179 km 43 km 154 km 147 km 205 km 64 km
August 226 km 119 km 217 km 209 km 262 km 145 km
September 300 km 323 km 321 km 108 km 331 km 153 km
October 320 km 362 km 320 km 49 km 364 km 159 km
November 270 km 275 km 295 km 237 km 209 km 300 km
December 11 km 231 km 303 km 240 km 282 km 130 km
Total 2 019 km 2 550 km 3 293 km 1 812 km 3 264 km 2 556 km

Year Number of km ran


- "Téléthon" charity run (7,5km), December the 5th.
- 6 hours of Colomiers (67,6km), March the 2nd.


- "Téléthon" charity run (7,5km), December the 6th.
- "Action contre la faim" charity run (21,8km), May the 4th.
- Montauban marathon, March the 25th.


- "Téléthon" charity run (7,5km), December the 7th.
- 10k of "Les foulées Agennaise", December the 2nd.
- Toulouse Marathon relay (7km), October the 22th.
- "L'Union" Ekiden (5km relay), May the 20th.
- Lo Bosc'a trail (11km 400m D+ at night then 11km 420m D+ by day), May the 6th and 7th.
- Bordeaux marathon, April the 15th.


- La Rochelle marathon, November the 27th. *PR
- 10k of "les foulées de l'Isle", June the 10th.
- Paris marathon, April the 3rd.


- Nice-Cannes marathon, November the 8th.
- Provence Luberon marathon, October the 4th.
- Toulouse half-marathon, September the 20th.
- Toulouse triathlon M distance M, September the 19th.
- Trail "la Course des crêtes" 26k, July the 4th.
- Trail "la Pastourelle" 32k, May the 23rd.
- "Pompertuzat" 10k, May the 8th, 4th place.
- Albi marathon, April the 26th.
- Colomiers half-marathon, April the 5th.
- "Blagnac" 10k, March the 9th, run as Arnaud's guide.
- Malta marathon, February the 22nd.
- Forest Trail, February the 7th.


- "Launag'étoile" 10k, december the 7th.
- "La boucle du confluent" 10k, November the 16th. *PR
- "La boucle des côteaux" 10k, November the 9th, 2nd place.
- Toulouse marathon relay, October the 26th, with the association "Courir pour un regard 31".
- "La balade de la saune" 10k, October the 12th, 2nd place.
- Pechbusque half-marathon, September the 28th.
- Medoc marathon, September the 13th.
- "La corrida de mirepoix sur tarn" 10k, August the 1st.
- "La corrida de Toulouse" 10k, July the 4th.
- Grenade 10k, June the 7th.
- "La tortue des meres" 10k, May the 25th.
- "Le challenge du souvenir et de la paix" 10k, May the 8th, 4th place.
- "Le relais de la leze", May the 4th, with the association "Courir pour un regard 31".
- "Le Polyar'trottons", April the 6th.
- Blagnac 10k, March the 9th, run as Arnaud's guide.
- L'union 10k, February the 23rd, run as Arnaud's guide.
- "La course des rois" 10k, January the 12th.


- "La Launag'etoile" 10k, December the 8th.
- Toulouse Metropole trail 15k, December the 1st, run as a team with my company.
- Toulouse marathon, October the 27th, withdrawal at km 20, tendinitis.
- Toulouse half-marathon, September the 15th. *PR
- "Les boulevards de Colomiers" 10k, September the 1st.
- Novis trail 25k, 1200mD+ August the 17th.
- "La corrida de mirepoix sur tarn" 10k, August the 2nd.
- "La corrida de Toulouse" 10k, July the 5th.
- "Les foulees de Larra" 10k, May the 25th.
- Albi marathon, April the 28th.
- "Special Olympics à Blagnac", March the 19th, run as a team with my company.
- Blagnac half-marathon, March the 10th.


- "La boucle du confluent" 10k, ovember the 18th.
- Toulouse marathon, October the 28th.
- Tournefeuille half-marathon, October the 7th.
- Toulouse half-marathon, September the 16th.
- "Les boulevards de Colomiers" 10k, September the 2nd.
- "Les foulees de borderouge" 10k, June the 10th.


- Toulouse marathon, October the 23rd.
- Tournefeuille half-marathon, October the 2nd.
- Toulouse half-marathon, September the 18th.

The races in red are the races where my records were set.