Running injuries


Here is a presentation of the various running injuries.

  • Ankle sprain

    What is ankle sprain ?

    The sprain is a lesion, affecting a joint, and characterized by an elongation or a ligament tear belonging to this joint.

    Ankle sprain symptoms

    The joint is often very painful and presents edema, but movements are possible.

    Ankle sprain cares

    Treatment requires the application of an anti-inflammatory ointment, sometimes joint's immobilization with a plaster is necessary.
    Depending on the severity, surgery may be necessary in case of bone tearing.
    To reduce inflammation, it is advisable to freeze the joint.
    Rehabilitation is necessary after recovery, physiotherapists can help in particular through proprioception.

  • Black toenail pain

    What is black toenail ?

    The black toenail is a hematoma which appear under the nail during repeated shocks on toes tip. This can happen when your shoes are too small and/or when there are a lot of downhill.

    Black toenail symptoms

    Pain appears on the affected nail, which turns red and then black.
    In the most important cases the nail can fall out after 1 up to 2 months. It will grow back.

    Black toenail cares

    If it hurts you at the finish of a marathon, go to the carers' tent, a podiatrist will remove the blood from under the nail and this will limit the risk that the nail will fall.

  • Calcaneum spur pain

    What is calcaneum spur ?

    The calcaneum spur is a bone tissue developing at the heel (calcaneus).
    It's the witness of an inflammation of the plantar fascia.
    Not to be confused with the stress fracture.

    Calcaneum spur symptoms

    These are pain when walking, sometimes significant, which can become disabling, and eventually prevent walking.
    The profile foot x-ray shows a deformation with the appearance of a parrot's beak at calcaneus base.

    Calcaneum spur cares

    Anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed by your doctor.
    Massages of the foot arch provide relief.
    - You can do them by massaging yourself with a tennis ball.
    - You can also make them by massaging yourself with ice.
    - You can also make cataplasms with green clay.
    The stopping of any sporting activity is strongly advised.
    Surgery is sometimes useful when the calcaneum spur is very disabling.

  • Muscle tear

    What is muscle tear ?

    The tear is a rupture occurring inside a muscle on muscle fibers with, sometimes, a local hemorrhage. There are several gravities, it goes from the simple elongation of the muscle to the breakdown (tear).

    Muscle tear symptoms

    Sharp and localized pain with tearing sensation often during exercise. A sensation of electric shock is often described.
    An ultrasound scanning can measure the damage and highlight the presence of a hematoma.
    The muscle is painful on palpation.

    Muscle tear cares

    As a preventive measure, to avoid tears, you must warm up sufficiently.
    Rest is necessary to allow time for the muscle to regenerate.
    Applying ice to the muscle helps to relieve and limit inflammation.
    The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or mesotherapy.

  • Plantar fasciitis pain

    What is plantar fasciitis ?

    Plantar fasciitis, also called plantar fascia, is an inflammation of the fascia, the fibrous envelope of the tendon that forms the arch of the foot.

    Plantar fasciitis symptoms

    A moderate pain in the arch of the foot but intensity increases over time. The pain is often present in the morning when you wake up, when you put the affected foot on the floor, then the pain subsides after walking a little.
    Pain is also present on palpation. The diagnosis can be made using an ultrasound scanning, or better, an M.R.I scan.

    Plantar fasciitis cares

    Massages of the foot arch provide relief.

    - You can do them by massaging yourself with a tennis ball.
    - You can also make them by massaging yourself with ice.
    - You can also make cataplasms with green clay.

    Rest is obviously advised to prevent the plantar fasciitis turning into a calcaneum spine.

  • Shin splints pain

    What is shin splints ?

    Shin splints is an acute (rapid onset) or chronic (spread over time) inflammation of the periosteum.
    The periosteum is the membrane that surrounds the bones and plays a key role in their vascularity and growth.

    Shin splints symptoms

    The pains sit on the front of the tibia. They appear when you press on it.
    There may be some skin redness at the painful location.
    Shin splints often appears after an increase in training volume (in intensity or quantity).

    Shin splints cares

    In preventive, to avoid periostitis, it's necessary to put progressiveness in the trainings.
    Once the pain is here, rest is needed to allow time for the inflammation to subside. Consult a doctor who will certainly refer you to a physiotherapist.
    You can massage yourself with essential oils, notably gaultheria (wintergreen) oil which has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Side stitch pain

    What is side stitch ?

    Research on the side stitch is almost non-existent.
    The last hypotheses suggest that it's a diaphragm contracture which is responsible for the pain. In any case, it would correspond because this gene is often present in beginners who may have a little more trouble managing their breath with poor ventilation management, a postural problem or an inappropriate rhythm during the race.

    Side stitch symptoms

    The pains often appear in beginners, under the lungs and ribs, both on the left and right side.
    It becomes more difficult to run, then you have to lower your speed or even walk.
    Experienced people are much less prone to side stitch.

    Side stitch cares

    When it appear, if you're not in a race, stop. Press with your fist on the pain, massaging gently and inhale/exhale deeply.
    This will help relax the diaphragm and cause the contracture to pass.

  • Stress fracture pain

    What is stress fracture ?

    The stress fracture is a lesion of healthy bone and cartilage with no history of trauma. This type of fracture, on the runner, more frequently affects the lower limbs (tibia, calcaneus) and often occurs after intensive and/or unusual physical activity.

    Stress fracture symptoms

    Pains that interfere with walking.

    Stress fracture cares

    Rest, no sporting activity.
    Analgesics (painkillers).
    Plastered immobilization are sometimes necessary.

  • Tendinitis pain

    What is tendinitis ?

    Tendinitis is a tendon inflammation due to trauma or inflammation. A tendon is susceptible to inflammation, either at the junction between the muscle and the tendon itself, or at its point of insertion on the bone.

    Tendinitis symptoms

    The main symptom of tendinitis is pain. Certain movements can cause more intense pain. The advice of your doctor is necessary to be sure of the diagnosis. An ultrasound scan will highlight it.

    Tendinitis cares

    Rest is strongly advised while you heal (1 or 2 weeks minimum). The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or mesotherapy.
    You can make cataplasms with green clay and massage yourself with gaultheria (wintergreen) oil.
    In the case of Achilles' tendinitis, shock waves provide rapid relief. This is done at the physiotherapist and the principle consists in tapping the tendon (generally 2000 strokes per session). In some patients it can be painful.

    If you suffer from Achilles' tendinitis, I advise you to read this article to know how to cure it.

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  • Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Henry Ford

  • Crying can give you sympathy, sweat will give you results. Laurent Vicente

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